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There’s no question that marketing on-line really works. We are increasingly using a wide range of on-line activity to promote clients products and services. This includes banner advertising, ppc search engine marketing  and email campaigns (to opt-in lists). And we consistently get the same feed back from our clients – ‘this is definitely working because I can see an increase in website traffic and conversion!’

On-line marketing now gives everyone a cost-effective medium to build their business. And it means that even with a smaller budget you can still undertake marketing activity that will get results. You are no longer restricted from marketing because you can’t afford the entry cost. Poster advertising is an example of this – it works for big brands with big budgets. Unfortunately the contingent print and media costs can be significant and unless you invest in some form of tracking or awareness research you may never know how effectively the campaign performed.

What makes marketing on the web so much more appealing is that it is instant and measurable. What’s more the entry costs can be quite modest and more manageable because they are likely to be fairly evenly spread (as there is no initial print requirement). Better still, if required, on-line activity can usually be stopped without any penalty because in most cases it is on a pay-as-you-go basis. And best of all the results can be tracked, either to website traffic or directly to sales (in the case of an e-commerce site).

Everyone with a serious business has a website and almost everyone you want to sell to can now access the web. Eighty four per cent of UK households with Internet access had a broadband connection in 2007 and the percentage is higher for businesses. So it makes perfect sense to use the web to reach your customers. Search marketing has become a staple business tool because it is a proven success. And Web 2 activities such as social networking, blogs and RSS feeds are invaluable new services that are providing smart on-line marketing tools to drive more traffic to your website.

If you want to take advantage of the very latest e-marketing techniques to increase sales contact GC and we will give you a full presentation and no-cost digital activity proposal.