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to Web 2.0 or not 2

… that is the question and, if you are in business,  the answer is – without a shadow of doubt – 2 Web 2.0. Building brand awareness through social media is becoming vitally important and Web 2.0 services are growing in popularity and traffic. Participation is expanding across the demographic spectrum with a surprising uptake amongst people over the age of 25. And the intense publicity that is generated by Web 2.0 activities such as Twitter means that just about everyone has heard of the latest services if they don’t use them (yet).

People are looking for up-to-the-minute information on the web and they want an interactive experience. They want to share information and news and hear what others are saying about topical subjects. “Sad bloke with a laptop,” was used by the critics of computing to indicate that anyone with a computer had no friends! But new services and hand held devices, along with the development of broadband and wireless networking have meant that portable computing is now mainstream. And anyone with a computer is probably checking their emails or chatting on MSN to a friend. Social-networking is making communication on-line fashionable and it is increasing human interaction via the computer.

Where will this new technology take us? Who knows. But one thing is certain! New services are being introduced and taken up at an astonishing speed. And if your customers have a computer the chances are you can use Web 2.0 in your marketing mix. Blogs and blogging, bookmarking and networking can be harnessed to build your brand. And in a recession when the market is becoming even more competitive social networking can be the ideal marketing tool to connect and maintain a relationship with your customer base.

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