5 top tips for choosing a marketing company

Don’t gamble with marketing. In difficult economic times it can be the one thing that will keep your business going. If you can find a professional partner to work with you and develop meaningful marketing opportunities for your business it can pay huge dividends. Finding the right advertising and marketing services company is not an easy task. So here are our five top tips to help you avoid making a mistake:

1. Cast your net wide
Talk to as many marketing companies as you can. Ask around and try to get some recommendations from businesses (such as trade publications) that you know. You can also go on-line and research any number of suppliers. If they impress you with their website and web presence then at least they know how to get that right! Look for businesses that range in size and experience (as this may also give you a range of costs). Send an email enquiry and shortlist at least four that you want to meet.

2. Write a brief
Your prospective marketing supplier should be prepared to attend a preliminary meeting, free of charge. (If not you don’t want them on your list!) To make sure you make the most of this meeting – write a brief setting out your objectives. This becomes even more important if you adhere to step one and talk to a number of suppliers. Make your aims clear and ensure you communicate the same points to each marketing company you interview. This will make it easier to compare the reactions and replies from each and help you to decide which provides the best answers.

3. Discuss the budget
The budget is always a delicate matter but you are better off getting it out in the open from the start. You need to commit to how much money will be available and establish what the money will be spent on. If your potential marketing partner knows what they will be working with they will be able to do a far better job of planning the most cost effective marketing campaign.

4. Test them out
There is no reason why you can’t opt to test drive a marketing company. No one wants to be tied into a contract that neither party is happy with so it makes good sense for both parties. Give the potential supplier a trial period of between 3-6 months to see how the relationship works and what sort of results they can achieve. If things go well make it a more permanent arrangement (and if things don’t you can walk away).

5. Expect a return on investment
A good marketing company should analyse the results of any marketing campaigns that they create. This will help them to target future campaigns more accurately and give them a better understanding of niche markets. You will also find that this marketing analysis can help you to maximise your sales and it should give you statistical evidence of your ROI.

There may be a cost involved with marketing but the ROI can be significant! So remember choose your marketing partner carefully and you’ll reap the rewards.

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