About our Content Management System (CMS) platform

GC joined the Adobe BC Partner programme last year and it has proven to be of great benefit, giving us the ability to offer website development on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. Through our associate company, GC Website Services, we have now designed and built a number of websites that use the system and all of them have a strong marketing focus.

The BC system provides hosted and easy-to-use Content Management functionality and gives web owners the power of multiple software packages all accessed from one secure control panel. It is easy to use and has lots of added benefits.  Features such as web analytics are included and it allows administrators control of their websites from any computer, tablet or mobile, wherever they are.

The reason we are particularly excited about this, is because the service has built-in marketing features that provide a marketing platform that will contribute to our clients businesses. For a commercial website we can set-up a CRM with integrated email marketing, which includes list management and a comprehensive reporting module, so a client has a tailor-made new business add-on.

We can provide a completely customised solution to suit every requirement. Small businesses can opt for a basic hosting package at entry-level or at the other end of the scale we are able to build a fully featured e-commerce site that can be configured to the specific business needs of the client.

Our Business Catalyst, CMS saves time and money and gives us the freedom to build great looking websites.

To find out more about our web services visit our website: www.gcwebsiteservices.co.uk
or email: admin@gcadvertising.co.uk


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